INDRP Pending Dispute Decisions

Domain Name Date of allocation of complaint to the arbitrator Name of the arbitrator 02.08.2017 Mr. Sonal Kumar Singh 25.08.2017 Mr. Harshavardhan Sancheti 29.08.2017 Ms. Pooja Dodd 29.08.2017 Mr. A.K. Singh 11.09.2017 Mr. Amarjit Singh
midea,in 11.09.2017 Ms. Harini Narayanswamy 11.09.2017 Mr. Rajeev Singh Chauhan 22.07.2017 Mr. Nikilesh Ramachandran 22.07.2017 Mr. Rodney D Ryder 22.07.2017 Mr. Ranjan Narula 22.07.2017 Mr. S. Sridharan