What is a Domain?

IN is India's top-level domain on the Internet. Like any other domains, .IN can be used for e-mail, Web sites, and other applications. But unlike other domains, .IN is a unique symbol of India and its role in the world.

Grow your online presence with a recognized .in domain name. A .IN domain name tells the world that your business and website is genuine. Join millions of organizations by registering a .IN domain today and enjoy the established track record a .IN domain name has to offer!

Access Internet in your own Language

You can also get .भारत domain for your brand, especially if you are targeting regional consumers. .भारत, which comes in 22 official languages, is a great way to reach India’s diverse audience with ease and eectiveness. This is truly a matter of pride and honour for every Indian to have this domain name. Now, you can get the extension in your native languages like योगा.भारत or યોગા.ભારત. You can also choose to have both .IN and .भारत domain to have maximum outreach for your brand.

1. Ease of Choice

It’s easier to find the website name of your choice on .IN as compared to other domain names.

2. Affordability

.IN is more affordable than other domain names. In fact, this Independence Day, you can get it for just ₹75*

3. Ease of Availability

.IN domains are available through a network of 171 international and domestic registrars

4. Search Ranking

If you are based out of India or have a product or service with its origin as Indian, .IN gets more preference in the search ranking.

5. Brand Value

.IN is recognized all over the world and its user base is continuously growing, so is the brand value of .IN domain. So, it’s just a myth that other domain names builds better brand value.

6. Create Online Presence

For instance, if you have listed on e-commerce portals like Flipkart/Amazon or sell through social media, it’s important to have an online presence to add authenticity to your business and build a brand.

7. Showcase Your Work

If you are a freelancer or a blogger in any genre, it adds a lot of value to have your own website and showcase your work on the same. It makes a very strong impression to have your own website in front of the hiring manager.

8. Personalized Email

Even if you think making, promoting, and maintaining a website seems cumbersome, you should still have your own website to have your own personalized email. For ex. contact@yourname.in

9. Protect your brand

Even if you have a website with any other domain name, you should still buy .IN domain and other domains like .co.in etc. to protect your brand. If you don’t, then there is a possibility that someone else can claim your brand with a .IN domain.

Choose from a Wide Range of Domain Name Extensions other than .IN Domain

3 •.PG.IN
4 •.PRO.IN
7 •.BIZ.IN
8 •.INT.IN
4. UK.IN
5. UP.IN
1. US.IN
2. CN.IN
1. 5G.IN
2. 6G.IN
3. AI.IN
5. IO.IN
1. CA.IN
2. CS.IN
3. DR.IN
4. ER.IN
1. ME.IN
2. TV.IN

Myth busters around .IN domain


SEO Ranking: A lot of us believe that other populer domains o¬er better SEO & Google ranking. Well, that's not true. Focussing on your content and the keywords are the high-ranking factors for your SEO.


Global Reach: Contrary to popular believe, .IN domain can be accessed by everyone from across the world. And the market leaders are also preferring .IN domains. When will you get yours?


Not Expensive: .IN domains are more aordable & easy to get in comparison with other domains. And more availability means assurance to get your desired website name live!


Brand Association: Many users think that they should only select popular domain names. There are several successful ventures running their global businesses on .IN domain.

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How do I book a domain?

We don't book domains directly. You can book them through our approved Registrars/Resellers