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C-DAC Services Shutdown

23 January, 2006: As of this date, C-DAC no longer has responsibility for managing any .IN domain names. C-DAC's registrants were asked to transfer their names to new registrars of their choice (see below). Names that were not transferred by the deadline were divided up and transferred to .IN registrars who expressed interest. Those registrars are now responsible for providing service for those domains, and have the right to solicit renewals. If you would like to see what registrar sponsors a particular domain, please look up that domain in the WHOIS.

22 November, 2005: The deadline for transferring names from C-DAC to other accredited registrars has been extended. The new deadline is December 31, 2005. This is a courtesy to give registrants additional time to complete their transfers. Other than the revised deadline, the other aspects of NIXI's previous announcement (below) remains in effect.

To domain name registrants served by C-DAC:

The Government of India has decided that C-DAC will cease providing .IN domain name services on November 30 2005. C-DAC was the .IN domain registry operator until December 30 2004, when NIXI (the National Internet eXchange of India) took over as the new registry operator. At this time, C-DAC still sponsors domain name registrations.

If you registered a domain name through C-DAC, you are kindly asked to transfer your domain name to a registrar of your choice by November 30, 2005. NIXI is sending a postal letter to all C-DAC domain registrants regarding this process. The letter contains the transfer instructions and authorization code you will need; please allow 2 to 3 weeks for it to arrive. The new registrar you choose will be responsible for providing service to you. The transfer will add one year to the term of your domain name, and the registrar may bill you for that year. Please note that gov.in, ac.in, and res.in domains are no longer sponsored by C-DAC.

Until a name is transferred away from C-DAC, C-DAC is responsible for updates to your domain name, such as nameserver and contact data updates. All domain names sponsored by C-DAC will continue to function normally through November 30 2005, even if expired.


If you do not transfer your domain by November 30 2005, it will be transferred to a registrar designated by NIXI. That transfer will take place shortly after November 30, and will not add a year to the term of your domain. Your options are:

  • If your domain expires before November 30 2005, your domain will then autorenew, and your new registrar will have the right to charge you for that year.
  • If your domain has not expired by the NIXI-designated transfer, you will have a choice:
    • You can wait until the end of your domain's term and renew with the sponsoring registrar.
    • Or, you can choose to transfer the domain to a registrar of your choice before your domain's expiration date. This transfer will add a year to your domain's term, and will keep it from expiring.

If you choose not to renew, your domain name can be deleted from the registry, and could become available to the public. We urge you to transfer or renew without delay, to protect your domain name.

Thank you for your kind attention in this matter. NIXI is taking all reasonable measures to provide a smooth migration. However, NIXI does not provide any warranty or assurance of any kind as to the results obtained from the use of its service, this migration process, or any other actions pursuant thereto. By renewing your domain you undertake to release NIXI, its Directors, officers, and service providers from any direct or indirect liability whatsoever. NIXI shall not be liable for any losses, damages or inconvenience whatsoever arising out of the renewal of your domain name and the process involved thereof.

Sincerely yours,
National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)
.IN Registry Operator

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