.IN Registry


Owners of registered Indian trademarks or service marks who wish to protect their marks will be given the opportunity to apply for .IN domain names before the general public. The Sunrise will give preference to Indian citizens and companies over entities from abroad. Applications must be submitted through an accredited registrar. Sunrise applications will be accepted from January 1 to January 21, 2005.

  • Sunrise Rules (.PDF document for Adobe Reader). Please read these rules and procedures carefully.
  • Affidavit form (.PDF document). This form must be notarized and sent to the Registry along with your proof of trademark paperwork. Please see the Sunrise Rules document for instructions.

January 12, 2005: NIXI offers a clarification regarding the documentation of Sunrise trademarks. The Sunrise rules require that the copy of the trademark certificate and the Sunrise affidavit form be notarized "by a notary, magistrate, oath commissioner, gazetted officer, or other party authorized by the competent authority." It does mention anything about the location or nationality of the notary. NIXI clarifies that notarization can be done by competent notaries abroad, regardless of their country. For example, an Indian trademark owner who resides in Spain can have a licensed Spanish notary notarize the Sunrise forms.

NIXI has announced sunrise for International Domain Names (IDNs) in 8 additional languages on the 16th of March 2020. Please go to announcements for additional information.

NIXI has announced sunrise for 29 additional third level domains on the 13th of November 2021. Please go to New Sunrise Rules for additional information.

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